“Saturday Brunch in the City: A Noob Guide”

By: Ali Hussain

Ah, Saturdays. When you can loll in bed and binge something. Like Legion. Come daylight, the show loses a smidge of its eeriness and becomes an almost wholesome exercise in surrealist storytelling. Almost.

Of course, when you finally want to make a move it’s edging towards noon. You don’t feel like muesli. Too early for mains of meat or poultry. What are you to do? This perennial Saturday dilemma has an easy fix which most of you’ve figured out by now. It’s called ‘brunch’.

And where does one brunch in this fair city of ours? Fear not, readers. While not nearly as varied and mindblowing as Legion’s personalities, we have, nevertheless, curated a few exciting options that don’t involve a trip to the Shadow Ki– er…to Burger King.


Eggs Benedict – Seagull Café

Who doesn’t like Seagull, arguably the best purveyor in Male of dairy-free ice cream for the lactose intolerant? What’s not to like about their distinctly Dhivehi wall art and garden-esque ambiance? We’ve no clue. Another thing, Seagull’s also one of those cool joints that allow smoking yet you don’t have to brave a lethal haze to get to your table. And it’s not just ice creams and lattes here. There’s an all-day breakfast groove going on – God, we wish more cafés would jump on that wagon. If you’re in no mood for meat, don’t balk dear pescatarian, try their eggs benny. Creamy, yolky, and full of salmony goodness, it’s precisely what brunch should be about. Oh, and if you really need that ciggie, you can always swing by upstairs and grab a lungful.

Photography by Seagull Cafe


Buttermilk Waffle – Palato Frosty’s

Huddled in that goalhi by the Telecom Building is what appears to be Meraki’s first cousin. Repurposed furniture, minimalist décor, filament bulbs; yeah, Palato Frosty’s hipness is no secret. In the brief period since it jumped onto the scene, Palato’s built up a rep for solid coffee and rocking chocolate desserts. But that’s not all this cute little café has up its sleeve. You better believe it; Saturday brunch is a thing here. There’s a gamut of toothsome goodness so it’s hard to single one out. But if you’re feeling a bit frivolous, you won’t go wrong with their buttermilk waffle. It’s a luscious treat paired with crispy beef bacon and capped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Sweet!

Photography by Palato Frosty’s


Stammer Max – The Goatfish Café and Bistro

Goatfish got off to a rocky start but in its new incarnation, the café has sort of settled into a rhythm. Plus, it’s got that awesome leafy location with the park just a skip from the doorstep. Still sporting its brand of rustic chic, Goatfish is a place you can hang out in, chill with your book or Kindle or do a spot of work while you dine. As for brunch, their ‘Stammer Max’ is something of a sensation. What is it, you ask? It’s a sandwich, clearly, with crispy bacon slices, fried eggs and shredded chicken all on crunchy buttered bread and topped off with good old cheddar. Delicious, hefty and well worth your money.

Photography by Goatfish Cafe and Bistro


All Day Breakfast – Kavarna

All right, this last place is perhaps a tad remote for city dwellers who recoil at the thought of walking three blocks. But we assure you, it’s worth the effort. So, don your Saturday best, hop on the Hulhumale Express and hail a cab to Kavarna. The café’s wilfully dilapidated décor may take some getting used to, but we wish we could get used to their massive breakfast platter. Grilled tomatoes, eggs any way you want, thick toasted bread, a truly sublime homemade jam…dear Lord, it goes on. And they serve proper sausages, like, Proper with a capital P. Really, it’s the bee’s knees.

Photography by Kavarna