“Shopping Guide – SoFISHticated Edition”

Maldives may have some limited options when it comes to some types of meat, but for fish products, we are not left wanting. We find all kinds of delicious local sambals and different fish products at the grocery shops and even the corner store, but there are so many other products stocked at the sources. 

Deep Fried Tuna at Enzi

If you don’t feel like messing around with a wok of hot oil but still want to eat thelulimas, this is the solution. These little nuggets are the perfect accompaniment for a quintessential Maldivian meal like rice and garudhiya, or rihaakuru, and even come packaged in a resealable bag for maximum freshness. 

For those who want something a little chewier, they also stock deep fried tuna belly, and if you feel like doing a little light stovetop grilling, you can also find chilled goodies like tuna kofta (on a stick). 

For snackers, the little packets of kulhi kaaja are mild, with a satisfying crunch, and served with tiny individual cups of their fiery githeyo mirus sauce sealed right inside the packing. 

Coconut Honey (and Meeru Rehi) at UHBA Foods

UHBA foods makes some of the best sambals ever, but did you know they also have Coconut honey in their product line? Available at the UHBA Foods shop on Banafsaa Magu, their Coconut Honey is sweet and delicious, perfect on warm toast in the morning. As if that wasn’t enough of a reason, it’s also incredibly healthy, and a perfect vegan substitute for honey in everything from tea to baked goods. 

When it comes to the sambals, the meeru rehi from UHBA Foods gets two thumbs up everytime. At the shop, you can find larger 250g packets of meeru rehi, among others, in resealable packing. Their fish veg is also a great way to spice up a quick breakfast. A slice of cheese, some eggs, and a scattering of fish veg between two slices of multigrain toast makes a delicious sandwich. 

Frozen Meals at MIFCO Mas Fihaara 

The selection of frozen meals at MIFCO Mas Fihaara is vast and diverse, way more than available at the grocery shops. You can find frozen servings of everything from tuna lasagna to classics like kulhimas or kandu mahu musamma. They are all packaged in clean, microwaveable containers, perfect for lunch on a busy day. 

One handy trick is to use their kulhimas as a base for a lovely breakfast that tastes exactly the way you prefer Try throwing them on a frying pan for five minutes (after defrosting), and add the spices and flavors you love. You can even throw in some vegetables if you want, like chopped tomatoes or spinach. 

MIFCO Mas Fihaara also stocks frozen tuna curry balls, or rihagulha which you can use to make a curry in some 15 minutes. The meatballs the perfect size to serve as meatballs, which could make for a cool Maldivian-Italian fusion pasta. They also grill really well, and make awesome kabobs. 

Words by Ruba Ali