“Special Anniversary Promotions Begins at Maldive Gas”

Maldive Gas introduces a special promotion to mark their 20th anniversary.

This promotion was introduced on Monday, 16th September and will continue for 20 days.

The promotion includes two packages: Lui Basic Bundle Offer and Lui Standard Bundle Offer. The first package offered for MVR 1250 includes registration and installation of gas cylinder, as well as 10 kilos of gas. The second package offered for MVR 1435 includes a regulator, in addition to all the items included in the Basic Bundle.

Maldive Gas has been the industry leader in gas supply solutions in the Maldives since 1999, and they introduced the Lui cylinders in the year 2014. Lui cylinders are preferred by many customers, thanks to it being a much safer option which is also easier to handle.

Images by Maldive Gas