“Taste Goes To Brine Café – Ramadan Special”

Arriving in the nick of time at Brine Café for our team roadha veellun, I noticed that all eyes were on the live pasta station.  However, given the long queue, my colleagues and I decided to grab something from the buffet and head inside first.

I broke my fast with a sip of the juice, which I couldn’t quite put my finger on; it may have been a mixed fruit juice. A sweet orange flavor was dominating, and I really enjoyed it. Next, I took a bite out of the club sandwich. A lovely snack, no complaints there.

Moving on to mains, I liked the baked seafood in mashed potato much more than their fried rice, and everybody else seemed to agree. I had also added some green salad to balance my plate, and was satisfied. However, the salad that received the most approval from our group was the one with char-grilled beef.

Having finished their plates, some of my colleagues went to get their pasta fix from the live station, which was still in full swing. Some chose pesto sauce, while others opted for bolognaise, but they all unanimously agreed that it was incredibly delicious. As I had predicted, the pasta really was the highlight of the day.

With an amazing view and great service, Brine Café and Restaurant is a lovely choice for roadha veellun, especially for groups. Their live stations on Thursdays and weekends are definitely worth checking out.

Words by Fathmath Sadha
Photos by Brine Café