“Taste Goes to Chicking”

The insoluble dilemma of lunch hour is something we face at least a couple of times a week. After much contemplation, we ended going to the newly opened Chicking outlet right across from Velaanaage.

As soon as we entered through the doors I caught a whiff of the fried chicken (which wasn’t unpleasant but I was a bit worried I would have to leave the place smelling like chicken). Anyhow, we took a few minutes to look through the menu that the staff helpfully handed to us while we waited in line.

I decided to go with a tandoori burger (with fries and a coke), while both my friends opted for their Crunchy Meal, which included one piece of chicken, a “crunchy” burger and a coke (sadly no fries). Thankfully, we did not have to wait long for our food and we dug in as soon as the waiter brought it to the table.

Since we were all ravenous, we actually devoured our burgers in silence. My tandoori burger was surprisingly flavorful (I normally expect something more bland from fast food restaurants) and I enjoyed every last bit of it. Both my friends also savored their meals, although we agreed that everything had a bit too much salt for our preference.

All in all, lunch at Chicking was better than we had expected, and the food was definitely better than some of the other fast food chains in Male’.

Words by Sadha

Photo by Taste