“Taste goes to Crust & Crumbs”

My personal search for the best burgers in town continues as I finally devoured a burger (or two) from Crust & Crumbs. I have always thought that the messier and heavier the burger, the tastier it was. Fair enough, the Crusty Deluxe which I ordered proved me right.

Arriving on a rectangular plate with a small side of fries (a little overdone for my liking) and some chili sauce, I took one look at the burger placed in front of me and started worrying about what a mess I was going to make. Fingers crossed, I took the scrumptious looking burger in both hands and took a big bite.

The two pieces of crispy fried chicken sandwiched between the buns tasted so good that I would have gobbled up a few pieces as a separate meal. They were crunchy and tender, with just the right amount of spice to it. I did ask the waiter for the recipe but of course, it was a “secret”. Also, if you are a cheese-lover, you are in for a treat because it also comes with double cheese. Double the joy, am I right?

Topped with lettuce leaves nesting on top of some tomatoes and pickles (my favorite), and an in-house special seasoned mayonnaise with a dash of hot sauce, it was delicious. There was a bit of tanginess which balanced out the flavors really well. I am not a huge fan of mayo, but I certainly liked their specialty.

By the time I was done eating, I was quite pleased with myself and mentally going through the menu, deciding what I would have the next time. They have a variety of chicken and beef burgers such as the classic chicken, chicken and ham, scotch bonnet, classic beef and cheeseburger. Their prices range from MVR 85 to MVR 95 which I consider quite reasonable and worth it.

An added bonus: The waiters were really friendly and helpful.

P.S. I did go back for the chicken and ham burger! It was just lovely.

By: Nashwa Saeed
Photo credits: Crust & Crumbs / Nashwa Saeed