“Taste Goes To Marrybrown – Ramadan Special”

Feeling tired of having the same old type of roadha veellun every day, my friend and I decided to try something different. We decided to go have some good old fast food. We headed to our favorite fast food place in Malé, Marrybrown.

After placing our order (I ordered their Iftar special solo combo, my friend, the Chick-A-licious with black pepper sauce) we headed upstairs. They brought up our order a few minutes before the bangi. The Iftar special solo combo consisted of two pieces of their fabulous fried chicken, fries, salad, cup of coco-cola, two dates and a scoop of chocolate ice cream to finish things off.

After breaking my fast with the dates, I attacked the meal with gusto. The chicken was nice and crispy as always. I love the salad that they provide and the fact that they actually have chili sauce. Combine the salad and chili sauce and the resulting dip is mind-blowing. My friend loved the pepper sauce on his chicken too.

It was an amazing meal made more so by the surroundings. I loved the fresh air and watching the sun slowly go down and the colors leech from the sky. All in all I would recommend that you take one day out of the usual roadha veellun fare and go try out Marrybrown.

Words by Asy
Photos by Yazdhan