“Taste Goes To Pickles – Ramadan Special”

Walking into Pickles Restaurant several minutes before the call for Maghrib prayer on Friday, we found the place abuzz with the usual pre-breakfast anticipation and hubbub. As we made our way over to the buffet spread, something interesting caught my eye- a colorful food sculpture was sitting on one end of the table. Speaking of the buffet, I found myself vacillating between the many side dishes, all of which, to be fair, looked equally appetizing.

Once we had broken our fasts and munched on some short eats, we quickly dug into our meals. I ended up choosing some butter chicken, beef fry, fish tikka masala and salad to go with chicken biryani. After taking several bites we realized it was pretty spicy. My friend found it a tad too strong, while I really enjoyed it. However, the potato and corn salad did help to take it down a notch.  I also tried their mini shawarma, and although it didn’t excite my taste buds quite as much as the others, if I had to describe the food at Pickles in one word, it would be “flavorful”.

After washing down the meal with some passion fruit juice, I realized that it was surprisingly light and I still had some room left. I wanted to try some of the brinjol moju or mango pickle, and maybe a paratha or two! Knowing myself, this was probably just the craving after seeing all that delicious-looking food, so we proceeded to have dessert instead. My friend noted that the gulab jamun was exceptionally good, and I had to agree; it was the perfect melt-in-the-mouth treat to end the meal.

All in all, the Iftar buffet at Pickles did not disappoint, and I loved the varieties they had. There is one thing for certain: all these flavors are sure to appeal to the Maldivian palate and there is definitely something for everyone.

Words by Fathmath Sadha
Photos by Taste