“Taste Goes To Pizza Mia – Ramadan Special”

It’s the month of Ramadan and although it’s a given that pizza will be on the table every other day in my household, I decided to break free from tradition and go to one of my favorite pizza places. It was just last Wednesday that I dragged my friend along to Pizza Mia.

We perused the menu but, truth be told, we knew it’d be a difficult choice to make. So, after deciding on our drinks — a chocolate milkshake for me and an iced lemon tea for my friend — we asked the waiters to surprise us with the pizza and pasta (yes, they serve pasta as well).

Completely unbeknownst to what will arrive our way, we waited patiently. Our food arrived just in time for Maghrib prayer and although we had exhausted most options from the pizza menu over the years, the one in front of us seemed unfamiliar. It was the Italia Pizza with cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, ricotta cheese, basil sauce and rucola (rocket leaves). It looked gorgeous and light, and the tomato base mixed with the two cheeses and sauce, along with the rucola was an amazing mix of flavors. It was all devoured with nothing left over. My friend and I talked about how it served as the perfect appetizer.

As for the pastas, Pizza Mia had recently introduced two new sauces to go with their gorgeous Cappelleti: a Spicy sauce and a creamy Carbonara sauce. Although I’m a fan of anything that goes along the lines of an Arrabbiata, I thought I should try the carbonara instead. It was creamy with lots of crispy beef bacon strips and a generous amount of cheese — I loved it. When it came to the spicy pasta, my friend said that though it was spicy, it didn’t have that certain Maldivian kick to it. Perhaps a little more spice would make it a top-notch dish.

In spite of this, we were sated. The thing with Pizza Mia is, the menu has a lot to offer and they’re more than happy to customize the food to your heart’s desire.

Protip: order a small pizza if you’re also ordering pasta, as the pastas are quite filling.

Words by Nashwa Saeed
Photos by Taste