“Taste Goes To Quaint – Ramadan Special”

It’s not an easy task deciding on where to go for iftar, especially with the number of eateries in Male’ and new ones popping up so frequently. Anyway, my friend and I recently ended up going to Quaint Maldives – recently opened outlet of the franchise restaurant – in Maafannu.

The buffet offered a number of Maldivian and Thai varieties.  We ended up carrying four plates of food to our table, probably because everything looked so good!

A plate of dates and short eats were already on the table, so we broke our fasts with those. Then I moved on to have some deviled fish and hiki bashi riha with roshi, of which the latter I really liked. Next, I tried the papaya salad, which added a wonderful contrast and burst of flavor to the mixed fried rice and Thai chicken noodles. I downed some fresh mango juice with this.

After having a taste of the Thai green chicken curry my friend offered from her plate, I instantly regretted not getting it for myself; it was just that good. She also remarked that the combination of mixed fried rice, Thai green chicken curry and papaya salad was an outstanding combo.

For dessert I enjoyed some delicious sago (a Thai version with coconut cream on top), while my friend devoured a piece of chocolate cake and pirini.

By then we were already feeling pretty full, but we did take the waitress up on her offer to get us some tea.

All in all, Iftar at Quaint was a lovely experience; great food, excellent service and a pleasant atmosphere. One thing is for sure; if you are hankering for some Thai food for Iftar, this is the way to go.  Go eat some breakfast, then change the world!

Words by Fathmath Sadha
Photos by Taste