“Taste Goes To Seagull Café – Ramadan Special”

We were greeted at the door by the waiters of Seagull Café, and quickly shown to our seats. The whole restaurant was lively as fasting families and friends made their way to their designated tables. A plate filled with dates and a glass of watermelon juice, mango juice, and water sit in front of us as we pondered about what to take from the huge spread of food across our table.

Three dates and half a glass of water down each, we decided to go at it. I helped myself to a portion of kopee fathu satani, and roshi at first. With an empty plate, I headed back to try their tuna fried rice with an omelet, eggplant in spicy garlic sauce, summer chickpea salad and the pasta aglio olio. My friend mostly plated for her what I didn’t—maafahi garden salad, tuna fried rice, dhal tempered, eggplant in spicy garlic sauce, roast chicken, and an omelet.

We were full. Even though our portions were small, it was unbelievably filling, which is sad since we enjoyed every bite. The rice was buttery and garlic-y, and went well with the chickpea salad and omelet, whereas the eggplant with the pasta was oddly a good combo.

Onto the live station; banana crepes with nutella and ice-cream! We’re never too full to skip out on a heavenly dessert. The crepes were prepared in front of my friend and I, and we had the option of getting either vanilla or chocolate ice-cream—I went with vanilla, hers was with chocolate. This delicate French thin pancake was to die for! With the bananas inside, you’re sure to get a piece with every spoonful. I just had to get another one.

To end things off, you can get either a coffee of choice, or black tea, along with nuts. The Seagull Café offers a different menu for all the week’s days, with one live station dish in each. We tried the Friday’s menu, and suffice to say, it didn’t disappoint.

Words by Ali Ifaz
Featured image by Seagull Café