“Taste Goes To Secret Recipe – Ramadan Special”

As a frequent cake-eating customer at Secret Recipe, it never occurred to me that I’d be finding myself on a 10-minute ferry ride to their outlet at Waterfront, Velana International Airport. It goes without saying, I was going for a Roadha Veellun which I was looking forward to; the buffet spreads at this franchise have never disappointed.

Walking in, the friendly staff greeted my friend and I with warm smiles, despite the flurry and flutter as Maghrib was nearing, and directed us towards the buffet.

I quickly filled up my plate with some Mashuni and Kopee Fathu Mashuni and Roshi along with an egg sandwich or two. As for the mains, I scooped up two servings of the Spaghetti Oliva along with some Red Curry Chicken, Chili Beef Caldereta, Chili Fish, and a spoonful of grilled vegetables.

My friend and I broke our fasts with the sausage rolls and Katlas on the table. As I took a sip from the drink, which I had assumed was Iced Milo, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t Iced Milo at all – it was Iced Cardamom Tea! Trust me, it was delicious. Needless to say, Watermelon Juice was available as well.

I dug into the food as soon as I heard the prayer call. The Kopee Fathu Mashuni was nice, and I had two roshi before digging into the spaghetti. A quick relief came over me as I twirled a few bites – it was healthy and light (my friend agrees) and complemented the rest of the food on my plate. My favorite would be the Chili Beef Caldereta.

After washing down the meal with my new favorite iced tea, I didn’t even think to consider anything else but the Mix Pudding and White Chocolate Macadamia Cake caught my eye. As I said, frequent cake-eating customer here. My friend didn’t want any dessert (there were fruits available too) but after she took a few bites from the cake, I ended up with no cake and just pudding. I could’ve ordered another type of cake too as there were a few on display but let’s face it, I was just too full.

On the whole, it was a good Roadha Veellun, and I wouldn’t mind going back for more.

Note: Secret Recipe Male’ doesn’t have a daily Iftar spread but it’s available for group bookings whereas it’s available daily at Secret Recipe Waterfront.

Words by Nashwa
Photos by Taste and Secret Recipe