“Tea Box, Unboxed”

Try as I might, the one word that best describes the recently opened Tea Box café, is ‘quaint’.

And quaint it is, the décor, the crockery, and yes, the food, too. Unusual and reminiscent of old-world charm, the pretty little café is snuggled away in a quiet side street in Hulhumale. Making an appearance a few weeks ago, Tea Box is the concept of two close friends, Naja and Mari, who wanted to create a haven where people could take time to savor a fine selection of teas and short eats in beautiful surroundings.

Open daily from 2pm (Fridays from 2.30pm) till 10.30pm., Tea Box serves an array of traditional Maldivian short eats, including Kulhi Boakiba, Tuna roll, and Masroshi, as well as some non-local favorites such as Chicken Quiche, Scones and Oreo Tart. A personal hit is the Coconut Pomegranate Pudding, creamy coconut taste with a hit of tanginess.

The lovely thing about the food is that it is all prepared by family members, while most of the desserts are done by Mari. Savory items are produced in smaller quantities to serve the daily demand for the late afternoon. The desserts are also made every day, but in larger batches, to cater to the sweet tooth until closing time. How’s that for ensuring the quality of the food?

And now we come to the star, tea. Although coffee and other drinks are served, the specialty teas imported from Turkey and Australia, ranging from Ruby Red Rosehip, and Japanese Sencha, to Sticky Date Delight, all are ideal options for today’s health-conscious lifestyles. And served in the prettiest way possible.

Tea Box also hosts birthday teas, bridal showers, and baby showers.

It being a perfect place to while away an hour or two with close family and friends, Tea Box really is a delicious pause from the rush of the bustling world.

Words by Fasah
Photos by Tea Box