“Tea Time with Thooha”

Recently, passionate foodie and avid blogger Thooha Adley (Thoodles) shared her cooking and baking with eager fans and food lovers in Male’. Thooha has been documenting her food adventures and recipes on her blog for years, and she enjoys food photography as well.

Tea Time with Thooha was held at Jazz Café last Wednesday afternoon. The tables were aptly set with fresh blooms and dainty teacups, and the atmosphere was as warm and welcoming as the hostess herself.

Platters of delicious-looking sweet and savory nibbles were served with the tea. This included some of her most loved items, a few traditional short eats such as riha folhi (Thooha’s grandmother’s recipe) and some popular tea-time favorites like scones, mini pavlovas and of course sandwiches.

I found Thooha’s Kanamadhu cake – one of the most popular recipes on the blog – and the juicy beef sliders exceptionally good, although the ganache-covered chocolate teacakes came really close too. Also, let’s not forget the tea- the earl grey tea was so refreshing and complemented the food so well!

All in all, it was a pleasant little gathering. The place was filled with chitchat and laughter as friends and family sat down and enjoyed their tea. The tea party was obviously an afternoon well spent for everyone who attended. After all, what could be better than good food and good company?

Words by Sadha
Photos by Thooha