“The Bake-Off Initiative by Seagull Café Ends on High Note”

The Bake-Off Initiative organized by Seagull Café House and Ore Maldives began on Thursday, 29th August, with many customers stopping by to grab some of the goodies during the first hour itself. The two-day event took place in collaboration with five local home-bakers.

The purpose of the event was to provide a supportive platform for the bakers and an opportunity to introduce their business to new customers, while at the same time encouraging healthy competition between the bakers.

Sharing their thoughts on the experience, the bakers remarked that it was a well-organized event which helped to boost their business and reach many new customers. Having received unexpectedly good support from the public and their products being sold out, the participants are extremely pleased with the outcome of the bake-off.

The five products that were showcased at this round of the Bake-Off Initiative were:

Gluten-free Chocolate cake by Flourless by Feny (Fanan Habeeb)

“Going into the bake-off I expected exposure and this expectation was definitely met and exceeded as well. I’ve never baked so much in a day. It was overwhelming! The feedback from my customers and new customers who reached out definitely made my day. This is a great initiative to help us home bakers gain more exposure, come out of our comfort zones and realize that we can definitely color our dreams as bakers”.

Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes by Aala Bakes (Aala Ibrahim)

“The bake-off was a whole new experience for me.  It helped me to be recognized by so many new people! And it was a wonderful opportunity for a full-time baker such as myself”.

Salted caramel brownies by Whisk (Fainan Hasan)

“The Bake-Off Initiative was a fun and amazing experience. It was unbelievable to see the support the bake-off got within two days. It was also a learning experience for us as home bakers”.

Pistachio and sea salt toffee by The Little Tea Shop (Shazley Mohamed Didi)

“The Bake Off Initiative was a wonderful opportunity for us to get greater exposure for our baking businesses. Home bakers like me usually have a minimum requirement for orders and by getting the chance to sell in individual pieces and smaller packs, customers who might otherwise be reluctant to try the product got a chance to sample them.”

Chocolate chip cookies by Azzlicious (Azleena Zahir)

“It was a bit challenging to catch up with the demand as it was my first time. But somehow managed restocking. It was an event full of experience for me. It felt good to be appreciated as a home baker”.

The overwhelming amount of support and positive feedback the bakers received for their products was clear from social media alone. Crowds of customers visited Seagull Cafe’ on both days to enjoy the delectable baked goodies. It is clear that the event proved to be a success for everyone involved, and gave the bakers a push to continue as full-time bakers.

The initiative is just a start, and Seagull Café House hopes to organize more events in the future to create a supportive platform for talented individuals.