“The Crumble Bake Shop”

The Crumble Bake Shop began in January 2017, with a limited menu and a humble Instagram page with a couple hundred followers. Aminath Saeed, owner of the Crumble Bake Shop, a home bakery dedicated to whipping up some fantastic cake (among other things)  now offers a range of baked goods from simple floral cakes, to French-style macarons, cupcake bouquets, and themed dessert tables.

“I’m a big fan of good food, especially sugary treats. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, for as long as I can remember. During the days of my childhood, my family and I would often gather and feast on special occasions; after trying a new dish or seeing a new recipe, I’d have the urge to experiment on my own and make it for them. I guess that’s how my love for baking grew. I never really thought I would start baking as a profession; it was because of my eldest daughter who kept pushing me to do it. Eventually, I gave in – and here we are now.”

Their Chocolate Drip Cakes, which come in a variety of flavors such as Oreo, Nutella, white chocolate raspberry, and even red velvet are a favourite among their customers. Another popular goodie is their cupcake bouquet, which is literally a potted flower bouquet made from frosted cupcakes. “As for the most popular flavour, I’d say our classic butter cake is a clear winner. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our original buttercream recipe; we whip it low and slow, using only the highest quality butter and Madagascan vanilla in the market. People have told us we make the best butter cake in town, which I consider a major accomplishment.”

Aminath plans on taking up even more ambitious dessert tables and wedding cakes. Her dream is to open a proper bake shop one day, to cater and create wholly unique treats for her customers.