“The Kitchen”

Article by: Afaaf Adam
Images by: The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a recently opened restaurant which has raised the culinary bar with its introduction of fine dining at affordable prices to the dining options in Male’ city. Located at Hithigas Magu in a little corner of Henveiru, The Kitchen, unlike its simple name, is no ordinary restaurant.

As you enter through the large glass doors trimmed with sleek golden handles, you are greeted by friendly faces into The Kitchen’s white and airy patisserie. Passing by the stairs that lead into the dining area, and while you walk across the room looking through the assortment of cakes, bread, pastries on display, you will soon become aware of the aromatic scent of a baking oven, a sign that Head Baker Buddhika, a multiple culinary challenge award winner, has some mouth-watering baked goods on the way and ready for tea-time.

I was allowed to pop my head into the bakery at the end of the hall where I could see a mix of local and expatriate bakers, kneading away at the dough in their hands and moving in synchronized harmony. The smell of freshly baked goods lingers throughout the day as the team tirelessly prepare dessert after dessert for every meal time. You might also smell something along the lines of warm spices in the air. In which case you’re not wrong, you’ve just gotten a hint of The Kitchen’s signature pastry, Spicy Bread.

After perfecting the recipe through countless experimentation, spicy bread is made from a special mix of Rex Milano Flour, chili flakes, Maldivian chili (Githeyo Mirus), garlic, onions, cheese and white sesame seeds. Also sold for retail use, spicy bread is used in many of The Kitchen’s ready-made sandwiches and plans to use the recipe to make the submarine and burger buns are underway.

Moving on to the dining area upstairs, you walk into a bright and formal dining room with an outdoor eating area facing the hustle and bustle of Janavaree Magu. Saunter further into the large dining room, with its hint of ballroom style dining arrangement, cream leather chairs, crisp white linens, and art pieces using signature and you witness The Kitchen’s tasteful elegance. Adding class to the dining experience in Male’ city, The Kitchen brings you dishes made only from high-quality ingredients.

One such dish is corn fed chicken. Bred on a diet that contains more than 50% maize (corn) and sometimes wheat and soya, Corn-Fed chicken has a meat with a unique golden appearance and more importantly, an exceptionally succulent roasted flavor. Softer than most chicken-meat available in the market, corn Fed chickens are completely unrivaled in taste, texture and look which can be directly experienced when you taste The Kitchen’s Hainanese Chicken Rice, Roast Chicken with Rice, or Chicken Biriyani. To ensure the highest quality, the chickens are bought from a supplier in Dubai from a multiple award-winning multinational Irish brand, Manor Farm who are solely dedicated to selling quality chicken.

The variety of dishes does not end with different types of chicken. Chef Deen, having lived in Japan for many years, specializes in Japanese cuisine so it is no surprise that Sushi is available on the menu. He highlights how flexible Japanese cuisine is, allowing him to play with many interesting combinations of flavor. To describe The Kitchen in one word, it would be; “Fancy”. Don’t worry, fancy does not necessarily mean “unaffordable”. Chef Dee assures us that it means that they will provide high-end and quality gourmet food at our fingertips, which promises not to break the bank.

In the end, dining is an experience and without a doubt, The Kitchen aims to provide the finest experience they can offer.