Words by: Jeel


Sandwich is the gods answer to easy and delicious food. I am pretty sure the vast majority of the people would agree with this statement. It’s hard to go wrong with two pieces of sliced warm bread, some meat and the occasional indulgence with the meat and the sauces. Perfect for mornings, brunch or even night time as a quick and filling bite, sandwiches are absolutely the best

In the quest to find a really good sandwich, I went into the newly opened Sandwich baa. The place is decorated intimately, the space just perfect for your next door rustic café’, with wood laden stools and chairs, the place has a warm and inviting environment at a glance even. Warm yellow lights fill the place and the servers greet you with a genuine and happy smile as they take up the order.

Sandwich baa is quite frankly a quick and hassle free place. The order starts with the type of bread the customer wants, and then the type of meat. After this, the customer gets to pick what kind of fresh vegetables and sauces they would like to top off their sandwich with and wham, you have your sandwich ready. To finish off the half or full sandwich you order, there are Cocoberry’s flavorful teas and other types of juices available. And if you are really in the mood to make it a really bountiful meal, there are Nutella brownies you can add to your order- which tastes like heaven in your mouth.

The Sandwich baa offers the classic sandwich options, starting off with the Italian BMT, Turkey ham, vegetarian, beef, and Maldivian tuna. There is also a flavor called “Baivaru Beef” which literally means “LOTS OF BEEF” to which I was sold for. With some lettuce, tomato, pickles, olives, mayonnaise sauce, hot sauce, and the extra cheese sauce, I found myself with the best sandwich I’ve had in a while. The beef is cooked with perfection and the bread is baked just right. Everything is so fresh and melts in the mouth like little pieces of happiness. It was the epitome of perfection.

If you would like to have a healthy and joyous meal which is also light in the pocket, the Sandwich baa should be your go to place. The place, environment and food goes really well. Once you are inside the place, it is a breather from the chaos and havoc in the small city, and you can actually enjoy those heavenly pieces of bread as one should. So buckle up, and head over to the Sandwich baa – definitely my type of baa – bar.


Located in Janavaree Hingun, Male’ the place opens their door and the sweet aroma of bread and meat will fill you up from 10am till 12am.