“The Steaks Have Been Raised!”

Lovingly named after the owner’s wife, Hawwa, Haw’s Eatery has welcomed customers with open arms since July. The eatery takes the spot of the old Calorie Counter in Male’, situated in a corner of a block in Asrafee Magu, a minute or two away from the Henveiru Stadium.

Serving cheesy sandwiches — both sweet and savoury, alongside great sea food, fine cuts of beef, poultry, heavy pastas, rices, smoothie bowls, and so much more, this eatery can satiate any type of craving one could have! But what I was most excited to try out were the authentic Philly cheese steaks, unavailable from anywhere else but here.

Outside, you’ll immediately find illustrations and even a meme (try to find it for yourself!) on the glass walls and walking in, the dimly lit, warm interior will definitely make you want to sit down on the comfy leather seats and begin your feast!

After my friend and I scanned the menu, I decided to get what I came for; The Beef Cheese Steak Sub from their Philly Cheese Steaks, and she got their Honey Dijon Garlic Chicken from the Mains. We asked the server what he’d recommend from the Starters, and as per his recommendation, we also got a plate of Spicy Chicken Wings, along with fresh Watermelon Juice for both of us.

The juice and water arrived first, quickly followed by the wings. I was hooked with the first pull! The crispy outside of the small wings, drenched in their BBQ sauce mingled well with the parsley garnish. A must-take for a quick, shareable meal!

My sub came dripping with cheese. It was truly a heavenly sight. Their hoagie roll (custom made) was soft with just the right amount of crisp in some areas. The thin cuts of beef steak were so tender, and the sweetness of the caramelised onions balanced the saltiness of the cheese and beef. Could get a little messy, but it’s so worth it!

The Honey Dijon Garlic Chicken was bathed in a sweet sauce, with a mountain of mashed potato next to it. The chicken was lovely, and the mash was soft and fluffy. My friend didn’t prefer eating both together, as she noted the mashed potatoes would cancel out the honey-sweetness of the sauce.

Overall, this was a great meal! Anyone could appreciate the simple presentation of complex flavours served at this great eatery. The Steak & Coffee Bar’s Infaz proudly serves the best meats available here, as Haw’s is a subsidiary of The Bar. Sharing the same land, another outlet of Haw’s can be found in Lot No. 10022, Nirolhu Magu in Hulhumalé as well.

Words and Photos by Ifaz