“The World Cup 2018; A Chance for Dhifoo to shine.”

22 men on a field competing over a ball seems absurd to the people who do not understand this game called football. But for football fanatics, these high-energized matches are worthy of losing their soul to, and for us Maldivians, it is no exception. Football mania hit the Maldives hard and was apparent during the FIFA World cup 2018.

The best part of football is that it unites people, and something that really caught our eyes was how Dhifla Ahmed Ismail, commonly known as Dhifoo, a former culinary student, famous for her home made goodies and her “Chefla” moments, started providing snacks according to the cuisine of the country that was playing.

A little chat with the goddess herself

“World cup was a really good opportunity as people gather around to watch the matches with snacks. And it was an exciting opportunity for me as well, since there were a lot of new dishes and treats I have wanted to try to make. Most people are very curious about new cuisines and are excited to try them.”

18th June 2018 was the day some very eager foodies got to order the ever-famous Belgian Leige Waffles for the Belgium vs. Panama match. The other match was Tunisia vs. England. Now what comes to your mind when you think of England? Tea and biscuits? Customers who ordered the scones and cream from Dhifoo definitely got to live the English dream while cheering for England that day.


19th June 2018: food neophobia for some, and for others, familiar delicacies unavailable in Male’.

For the Colombia vs. Japan match, Chicken Gyoza was offered and Japanese supporters would have been over the moon to celebrate the win of Japan with these sinfully delightful dumplings filled with chicken and served with soy ginger sauce.

Russia vs. Egypt was the next match and the Russian Apple Piroshki was served, a little known delicacy that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and feels even better in the tummy.

France vs. Peru night, customers of Dhifoo got the chance to try the Almond and Pear Galette. The match with Denmark vs. Australia that night, was one in which Dhifoo took orders for limited Pavlova, one of her specialties.

For the Korea vs Germany match, Dhifoo made the ever famous German pretzels that are sold in Meraki Coffee Roasters as well.

What blew everyone’s mind and taste buds was the French dessert box that was made for the final match, which included;

2 Nutella-filled Brioche Donuts

4 Dark Chocolate Truffles

2 Blueberry Financiers

2 Profiteroles

3 Palmiers

1 Rasberry Jam Danish

All at the unbelievable price of MVR 400.

The dessert box got such good feedback that she has introduced donut boxes that are available from her Instagram page. All of her goodies are available from her Instagram page Bakerslittlewonders. DM or contact the page to get baked little goodies that would taste heavenly in your mouth.

Words by Jeelan Ali
Photography by Taste
Illustration by Fathmath Azleena