“Think Outside The Box”

Baking cakes from scratch can be a time consuming and sometimes grueling task, which is why I’ve found myself reaching for that old reliable box mixes. Contrary to popular belief, box cakes do not have to end up tasting bland and artificial. Here are some tricks to help you make an amazing cake using a pre-made cake mix.

  • Butter it up

Everything tastes better with butter. Instead of using the vegetable oil that is recommended on the box recipe, substitute it with butter. Melt the same amount of butter in the microwave and mix it in.

  • Toss out the water

Here is another way you can get your cake to taste richer. Simply substitute the water that the recipes call for with milk. You can use any kind of milk you like.

  • Add in the nuts

One of the best tips I have for you is to chop up and throw in a handful of nuts. I personally love using a flavorful nut such as peanut or hazelnut.

  • Pour in the bubbles

One of my favorite methods to make a box mix cake is to mix in a carbonated drink to the cake mix. This is also the easiest method. Add in a 350ml carbonated drink (Coca-cola, Sprite, Bitter Lemon etc) to your cake mix. Mix them in thoroughly (be careful not to over whisk) and bake. This produces a super soft and moist cake.

So what are you waiting for, grab that box and get on baking.

Words by Asy