“Thooha Adley”

Article by: Afaaf Adam
Photography by: Thooha Adley

Thooha Adley is a 29-year-old Maldivian following her passion for food through her food blog “Thoodles Doodles”.  According to Thooha, her love for food started at a young age.

”One of my first food memories was making this pudding called “Queen of Puddings” for roadhaveellun with my Dad during Ramadan when I was 10. We kept getting the recipe wrong but we kept making it each year until we got it right. That’s how I first started making desserts.”

Watching cooking shows and looking through cookbooks further contributed to her budding interest in food, along with relatives, who were equally passionate about food as Thooha herself.

“I was surrounded by lots of family members who made wonderful food like my aunt who makes eclairs, and grandma who would make riha folhi.”

She started her blog in 2013, with the initial intention of using it as a build-up for her wedding. Afterwards, she found that she still enjoyed writing. But what would she write about?

Thooha continued with her baking, her cooking and practicing food photography. The more she got into it, the more she realised how much she enjoyed doing it – it was her passion. And it was something worth writing about. So she did.

What first started out as a blog with the sole purpose of finding recipes that worked for her and sharing them, eventually evolved into a platform for her to tweak recipes she found online, experiment with them and finally create and share recipes of her own.

Currently living in Melbourne working as an Occupational Therapist, Thooha has not considered pursuing a career as a professional chef. She does not think she would personally enjoy the pressures of working in commercial kitchens, preferring to rather pursue food as a hobby. However, it is of note that two of her recipes were one of 12 that was selected by SBS Food to be featured on their website.

Thooha is most well-known amongst Maldivians for her recipes such as Chicken Liver Pasta, Pavlova and Kanamadhu cake. All of which are popular recipes to try during Ramadan. When she was in Maldives in 2016 for Ramadan, she made 5 pavlovas in 2 weeks. It was a very popular dessert with friends and family for roadhaveellun and Eid. Speaking of which, Ramadan is just around the corner and preparations are beginning. In the following pages, Thooha shares with readers of Taste Magazine her special Ramadan recipe for the popular Kanamadhu Cake.