“Turkish Cilbir- A Hearty Breakfast at Silo”

While we found the name of the dish hard to pronounce, the Turkish Cilbir (pronounced chil-bir) breakfast option at Silo is a definite must-taste for every foodie.

Located in a small corner from DHL Sosun Magu, Silo certainly has a rustic charm. What stood out the most however, was the genuineness of the waiters. No sooner had we entered, we were greeted warmly with a cheery “Good morning.” Not only were they excellent with their recommendations for drinks, but they were also careful to make sure that we truly enjoyed the food.

We chose to go for the Turkish Cilbir and cardamom tea in addition to the more traditional breakfast option – mashuni and roshi. A Turkish Cilbir is basically a poached egg placed in a sea of garlic-infused yoghurt, with a brown butter and olive oil drizzle. A sprinkle of dried herbs, and the dish is complete. While certain restaurants serve this breakfast concoction topped with crumbles of bread, we were glad that Silo chose to side the dish with crispy, toasted bread. Once the egg yolk was broken in and spread to cover the butter and yoghurt base, the bread made it easier to scoop an all-encompassing bite. Good news for those refueling for a working day – the eating part was also less messy that was previously assumed. No pieces of egg on work clothes is always a plus. Washed down with the brilliantly subtle, yet deeply flavored aromatic cardamom tea recommended by the servers, this meal is one we will be going back for, before any hectic day.

In addition to affordable and yummy breakfast options, Silo’s cappuccino cake and hot milo in the afternoon is perfect for a pick-me-up. If this restaurant has you going back for more, Silo also has a Loyalty Card – with the fifth stamp earning a coffee or tea on the house. This hearty cuisine and the restaurant truly captures the essence of a great breakfast.

Words & Photos by Jumanaa