“Unusual Food Combinations You Have to Try – Part 1”

We all have those strange little food combos that we swear by, but can never manage to get our friends to try. I am always trying out new food combinations that have often been referred to as  (to put it mildly) an abomination, but hey, what’s life if you don’t make some dubious choices, right?

  • Salted Popcorn + Chocolate

There’s just something about salt and chocolate that goes together perfectly. Whether sprinkling a bit of sea salt on your chocolate chip cookies before baking, or adding a bit of dark chocolate to your chilli, the fusion of sweet (or bittersweet) to salty or spicy always excites the tastebuds.

This trick though, turns everyday boring salted popcorn into a delightful treat that can even be served as a dessert. Just make some popcorn as you usually would (with a neutral oil like corn or safflower), toss into dark, milk or white melted chocolate according to your preference, sprinkle in some sea salt, and wait for the chocolate to harden.

Protip: Sprinkle liberally on ice-cream sundaes for sweet and salty crunchy heaven.

  • French Fries + Milkshakes

I’ve spent about a decade trying to get my bestie to dip her french fries into her milkshake. Having made about 0% progress in this quest so far, I am still convinced that if I get her to try it once she’ll love it.

To be honest, I would prefer dipping my french fries into a nice and thick milkshake over dipping it in ketchup any day of the week. The salt actually elevates the taste of the milkshake, and the sweetness from the milkshake gives the fries a way more interesting blend of flavors. This is why most ketchup or even chilli sauces usually have a hint of sweetness to it.

Protip: Using soggy fries for this combo is a half-baked idea; you need a very thick milkshake and well-salted and crunchy french fries.


  • Grilled Tomatoes + Jam

We always get a small portion of fruit jam when we order a continental breakfast, and one day, for absolutely no reason at all, I decided that I should smear my grilled tomato with said jam before eating it.

The result of this small experiment did not turn out strange or disgusting, as I expected. Tomatoes are naturally bursting with freshness and flavors, and adding the jam didn’t take away from the natural taste, but instead made it even better with sweetness that makes the tomato even juicier than before.

Protip: I’ve tried several different types of jam on grilled tomatoes and the best so far that complements the taste most perfectly is blueberry.

We challenge you to try some of these interesting combos. Worst case scenario, it’s not your cup of tea, but best case scenario, you may just find an exciting new treat that you’ll love for life.

Words by Ruba Ali
Illustrations by Fathmath Azleena