“Vespa ‘Maldives Aeropress Championship 2017’ by The Coffee Lab”

Words by: Ruba Ali


The Coffee Lab presented the first installation of the ‘Maldives Aeropress Championship’, on 29th September 2017, proudly sponsored by Vespa Maldives.



The event took place at The Family Room in Hulhumale’, with fourteen participants ranging from professional baristas to layman brewers. Vespa Maldives sponsored the winner to travel to South Korea in November to represent the Maldives in the ‘World Aeropress Championship’.


The spirit of the event was less competitiveness and more cheery and energetic recreation; a team of professional and nonprofessional judges decided on the winner by the simple definition of who brewed the most delicious cup of coffee. The winner, Rahu, stated after the competition ‘It’s an amazing feeling and an honor to be chosen to represent the Maldives for the first time.’




Coffee lab is an innovative company concentrating on making a connection between people and a very good cup of coffee. Afrah, from the organising team, commented that ‘the main objective of the event was to allow maldivians to compete in the world stage of coffee.’


‘We are very happy with the support we have received. For the first such event in the Maldives, this is a big success. We hope to have more people participate next year and get more people interested in coffee’.