“Virtually Effortless Three-Ingredient Breakfast Ideas”

We all know and believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s also the meal that we skip most often. Thankfully, effortless breakfast recipes do exist, and we hope you find these helpful.

1-Breakfast Bowl

Well, you could say that this is an effortless version of a smoothie bowl, because you won’t need a blender for this. Just get some plain yogurt and put it in a bowl. Next chop up your favorite fruits (we suggest berries, kiwis or bananas), top with a sprinkling of crushed nuts and enjoy.

2- Chia Pudding

You don’t even have to drag your groggy self to the kitchen in the morning for this, because you’ll be making it the night before. Add around 2 tablespoons of chia seeds to a glass of milk (coconut milk makes a nice, creamy pudding), and leave it in the fridge. Add your favorite fruit and/or nut toppings in the morning.

3-Scrambled Eggs with Herbs

Step up your egg game with this savory version. We suggest fresh herbs such as parsley and thyme, but use whatever you have on hand. Add salt and pepper as needed. This goes well with toast, but you can have it with roshi too.

4- Energy Balls

For an easy no fuss version, combine any nut butter with toasted rolled oats and your choice of dried fruits. The possibilities are endless with this one; switch up your nut butter or the add-ins (even chocolate chips are acceptable!).  It’s best to make these ahead and give some time to set in the fridge.

5-Kidney Bean Melt Sandwich

All you need for this is bread (we prefer brown bread), a slice of cheese and cooked beans. Red kidney beans are a great choice to make it extra nutritious and filling. You can even add some sliced jalapeno for heat.

Words by Taste