“Waffle Club Tandoori Chicken Waffles – Some Kind of Sorcery”

I’ll start out by saying I have never been a fan of Tandoori Chicken in anything other than actual Indian food. I don’t really like tandoori chicken pizza, and I have never thought about putting it in a sandwich when I can go with tangy pulled chicken or lemony grilled chicken instead. I would eat it, but not with vigor.

Which is why it’s such a surprise that Waffle Club at Hulhumale with their Tandoori Chicken Waffle had me thinking that this is actually better than the Tandoori Chicken I have had at almost any other place, even Indian Food places.

Let’s keep this revelatory tandoori chicken aside for a moment and talk about how little time it actually took for them from the moment they took my order to when I got my order. I actually timed it, and it took only 5 minutes for the waffles to arrive in front of me, piping hot and crispy. Definitely a plus point for ravenous diners who are pressed for time.

The savory waffle sandwich (wafflewich?) was layered with pulled tandoori chicken, tomatoes, cucumber and drizzled with a cheese sauce and hot sauce that is made in-house. The chicken was topped with a generous serving of fresh mozzarella cheese and finished with a beautiful mess of rocket, drizzled with BBQ sauce and served with potato wedges.

The waffle by itself was slightly spicy (I was told that Waffle club uses a different recipe for sweet and savory waffles) but it didn’t overpower the taste of the filling. The ingredients in the filling gave it just the right amount of crunch to keep things interesting, and the soft and rich flavors melded together superbly.

My first (dubious) bite of this savory waffle had me immediately questioning my life choices; my first thought was ‘Well ****, now I have to start eating tandoori chicken sandwiches’.

I give this a 10/10, definitely recommend.

Words by Ruba
Photography by Waffle Club